My Story...

Hello I'm Erin, the designer and creator of all things Too Many Pjs. I learned to sew from my mum when I was a little girl growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have been honing my skills ever since. I moved to London to do an internship at Alexander McQueen after completing a degree in Fashion Design. I have worked as a textile designer in the London fashion industry for over 10 years giving me a wealth of experience in textile printing and surface pattern techniques.


Textural, Monochrome, and Artfully Inspired Fabrics


When having my first child I was disgusted with the garish colours and materials available for baby play mats and toys so I sewed a play mat for my son with fabrics I had designed myself. The play mats evolved into toys, cushions, and bedding as well. All of the products I create utilise textural and monochrome fabrics which stimulate babies' and children's senses and contribute to there cognitive and motor skill development. I also incorporate artfully inspired coloured fabrics which are intended to compliment the modern home rather than clash with it.

I also believe in living a sustainable lifestyle and want to keep the waste and environmental damage caused by the textile industry to a minimum. I do this by using only organic fabrics and sustainable materials, including stuffing the toys and play mats with a material made from recycled plastic bottles. I aim to have a zero waste company and utilise even the smallest patches of fabric in the sensory blocks and other toys. I hope that you will find the items I create useful, beautiful, well made and a must have!