Sunrise Sensory Blocks - Set of 9

Sunrise Sensory Blocks - Set of 9


A set of 9 sensory alphabet blocks in mustard yellow that each have a sensory fabric patch on one side. The sensory fabrics have various textures and an autumnal colour combination of brown, yellow, cream and mustard. All fabrics used are organic cotton or vintage. They also match the Sunrise Rainbow Play Mat. They come packaged in one our kraft board boxes with a peep hole to show the colour.

Sensory toys can help babies develop their cognitive and fine motor skills from an early age. As well they keep them entertained and stimulated which will in turn keep them calm. These blocks are safe from birth but will be best from around 6 months when babies can start to grasp them. They can be enjoyed by toddlers and preschoolers as well when they are learning to spell words.

They make a great first Easter or first birthday present or anytime in between!

Dimensions - approximately 6x6x6 cm

Care Instructions - They can be machine washed on 30 degrees Celsius but should not be tumble dried.

This item is made to order and may be ready sooner but please allow up to 3 weeks for your order to be shipped.

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